My research interests lie in domain generalization, dataset bias, computer vision, computer graphics, robotics, physics simulations, animation, reinforcement learning, and deep learning.

Currently, I'm conducting research at Intel. I've held research roles at Carnegie Mellon UniversityGeorgia Tech, Clemson University, and American University. I've also held research roles at Roblox, National Science Foundation, Electronic Arts, Pixar Animation Studios, and LAIKA Animation Studios.

Selected Publications

Deep Learning and Facial Feature Detection for Animation

Luis Bermudez, Nadine Dabby, Adelle Lin, Sara Hilmarsdottir, Swarnendu Kar, James Pina, Jeff Stringer, Narayan Sundararajan (2020). AI Powered Rotoscoping at LAIKA. ACM SIGGRAPH. [Link to Conference] [Link to Paper]

IEEE Winter Conference on Applied Computer Vision (WACV). [Link to Paper] [Link to Supp] [Link to Data]

Clothing Simulation for Fatigue and Wrinkles

Luis Bermudez, Victor Zordan, et al. (2019). Simulated Fatigue and Wrinkle Synthesis. ACM Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA). [Link to Conference] [Link to Paper] 

ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication (SCF). [Link to Conference]

Robotics Simulation with Fluid Coupling

Luis Bermudez, Jerry Tessendorf, Daniel Zimmermann, Victor Zordan (2018). Real-time locomotion with character-fluid interactions. ACM Conference on Motion, Interaction, and Games (MIG), 18. [Link to Paper] [Link to Presentation] [Link to Poster]

Psychophysics for Cloth Simulation

Luis Bermudez, Bei Xiao (2016). Estimating material properties of cloth from dynamic silhouettes. Journal of Vision, 16(12), 630. [Link to PDF]

Selected Teaching

Spring 2019 - CPSC 199, Simulation Methods for Graphics and Engineering

Fall 2018 - CPSC 399, Simulation Methods for Graphics and Engineering

Spring 2017 - CPSC 101, Computer Science 101

Fall 2016 - CPSC 101, Computer Science 101

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