Selected Press

Carnegie Mellon University, 

SHPE National Competition, [1] [2] 

Clemson University, 

Hand Animation Research, [1]

Business Insider, 

Startup Showcase, [1]

Microsoft Imagine Cup, 

Startup Competition, [1] [2]

The Tech Life Podcast, 

Startup Interview, [1]

Founder Gym, 

Startup Accelerator, [1]

Selected Press

Fast Company, Computer Animation Research, [1]

Intel Corporation, Computer Vision Research, [1]

Carnegie Mellon, SHPE National Competition, [1] [2] 

Clemson University, Hand Animation Research, [1]

Business Insider, Startup Showcase, [1]

Microsoft Imagine Cup, Startup Competition, [1] [2]

The Tech Life Podcast, Startup Interview, [1]

Founder Gym, Startup Accelerator, [1]

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